Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The story...

The story of my life... Where does it start? How do you suddenly wake up and realize you are over weight? Years and years of denial. I mean, I was never the skinny chick. But I wasn't the fat chick either. I yo-yo'd a little in high school and college, but never felt like I was huge. I did normal things, swim team, tennis lessons, dances, parties, band, debate, drama, had a good social life, some boyfriends, and of course caught myself a really awesome guy!

So when did it happen? Was it after baby number one? It took time, but I lost most of the weight. Then baby number two and three came very close to each other. Less weight came off this time. Built a house and the stress and lots of work took off some! YAY! Then babies number four and five came very fast. More weight and less time for me. Did more yo-yoing. Then number five went to school full time and I went to work, at a desk. Over the next year I put on more weight and hit an all time high.

My tipping point came when the two biggest pair of pants I owned were tight enough that I could barely do them up. And there was absolutely no way I was buying the next size.

Two things happened that set me on my way. This was in May 2008. First, at work, they started a biggest loser contest. A trainer came in and took our measurements and body fat, ugh! I discovered I was 37.7% body fat. I think that was among the most horrible moments of my life. Second, my friend Becky had just finished a contest--in which she took second! Go Becky! And she wanted to keep going. So she started a biggest loser for friends and family. So in I go... Well her fitness consultant met with all of us to get us started and I again found that I was 37% body fat. Two witnesses, I am definitely fat, in fact I qualified as obese. Complete humiliation was mine.

After the summer when both ended, I had lost a few pounds, but nothing significant. I had however started changing some habits. Now I walked at break time, and ate a little less. I was consistently inconsistent, and thus didn't see the greatest results. But again headed in the right direction.

Ok, it's late. And I have clients coming at 6am.... so i'm going to bed, but tomorrow I will reveal one of the funniest, most humiliating moments of my entire life. Sorry Tiffany, I'm sharing it with the world! g'night


  1. Trish, I'm loving your blog! This blog entry is exactly where I am right now.

    I have a friend that had weight loss surgery, and honestly, she is too skinny now. When I first started seeing her results I thought, "WOW! I need to ask her what she's been doing!" After she told me I thought about the idea, it's a quick, "easy" fix, right?! Obviously those thoughts didn't last too long. I want to do it myself and the right way!

  2. Love that you started a blog! Pony Express was my first race too. :) It's been fun to have another local gal to spur me on and motivate me, and with all that MaryAnne has told me about your journey-you are very motivating!! Looking forward to many more local races where you leave me in the dust for now-and keeping up with you again next year!