Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Super Fun Saturday!

My wonderful Hubby and middle child are out of town at  a mountain biking race, so we were pretty quiet around here.  Did my long run on Friday so that Saturday could be devoted to some kids activities that I was driving for and then off to Power-Tri to watch Ironman in Kona.  

Then dear boss at the gym invited me to run a 5k she was helping sponsor for the library and all I could think was how slow I will run it because of my poor tired legs.

So I talked youngest girl child into going with me, she did it on her scooter.  (allowed per 5k rules).  It actually was really fun!  When I got there, found the other girls from the gym, ran into an old friend,  a fellow spin instructor (both organizing, not running), as well as my dentist and his wife.   So after some chatting about how slow we all are, the shot went off and there we go.  Dentist and wife are definitely faster than me!  Gym girls, slower, and Callie right with me.  Went out too fast and felt it, so I slowed down a little.  

As I got to the turnaround, I realized my time was going to be close to my PR!  So I picked it up a little, left poor Callie in the dust, and finished with a 20 second PR!!!!  26:14 to be exact.  Callie said I turned into a dot.  I love having my race partner go with me!  She's awesome! Now I've done a 5k with both my daughters.

It was a tiny race, only 63 people, I took 10th place and I think 4th in the womens.   But who cares!  I loved every minute!  Just imagine what I could have done without the 15 miles of exhaustion from the day before!

Ate at the Kiwanis club breakfast after, YUMMMY!  Then back home to clean up and help older daughter with surprise party for friend.  Nice surprise for me, I ended up not having to drive.

So Callie and I took off for the Kona party to cheer on my favorite athlete Crissie Wellington.  Was super disappointed to find she pulled out due to illness.  I felt lost, not knowing who to root for.....

Callie's sports watch
We had fun anyway.  Ate good food, won  a nuun water bottle and a yankz t2 transition bag, which had a pair of yankz in them.  Can't complain about that!  Callie was super excited, cause she knew she get's the yankz!  She's wanted some forever.  They had a kids race and all the kids got prizes, she won a sports watch!  She's loving that she can time everything now.  I feel some PR's coming for her!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I won a Giveaway!!  For an adorable headband that I can't wait to get.  

But while I'm waiting for that, you should go check out my friend Catey's giveaway for a Scentsy Warmer and Scent!  It's for an adorable Give Thanks warmer and the scent of your choice.  Now really I think you should just forget this and not enter at all, because I want to win.  Hee hee!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Winners from the September Challenge

September was my month to run more mileage than ever before.  100 MILES!  And I did it! 100.7 to be exact.

Super proud of myself and proud of those who completed their own challenges!

So here's the prize pack:

As chosen by, all this will be going to comment #13!  Stacey (Lowe Family)!

And my bonus prize, a subscription to Fitness for the best story, as chosen by me is going to Catey of Random Thoughts From the Zoo

Her's is a beautiful story and very symbolic.  Check out more about Sam's story in her blog.  He's a cutie patootie!

Girlies, email me your addresses and I'll get the prizes and subscriptions on their way.

Congrats and thanks for the support!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dirty Dash pics and story

So a few months ago I got roped into decided to do the Dirty Dash with my friend Emily and some other gals I didn't know.  Never done a mud run before, never even considered it.

The wave before us

The Delicious Dirty Delicates!  Before. l-r, Claire, Emigh, Ashley, Emily and me!
We were in the 4th wave to start and by then the first hill was thick gooey muck, thanks to the huge sprinkler showering down on us.
The first wall climb (of three)

Emily and I made it over!

Doin' the happy dance

Excited or Falling?  you decide

Heading for the Filthy Finish

Never been grosser or had more fun!

Oh my gosh was that some muddy fun! The costumes were hilarious.  One of my favorite scenes was the "brides" being chased by the "chain gang" and the "Muddy Butties" (with fake bare butt shorts).  Had to yell Freedom every time we saw the Braveheart warriors!   We had a BLAST!  I highly recommend doing a mud run!   

Don't forget to post your results of the September Challenge!