Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Challenge with PRIZES!

So after failing  missing my goal for the TOU/2, I am regrouping.  Last year, I took a week off and never really returned to pre-race mileage.  

So this year, I got my tushie out Monday morning and did a few miles and then Tuesday night a few more.  (they were run/walk---very, very slow)  That was to finish up Tall Mom on the Run's   80 miles in August challenge.

Now I am issuing my own challenge to you and myself.  In order to hit 1000 miles by the end of the year, I have to step it up a bit.  So, my personal challenge is 100 miles in September.  

You however, can choose your distance challenge!  Take what you did last month and bump it up!

To officially be a part of my challenge, and be eligible for the end of the month prize..... you have to do the following:

  1. Be a follower of my blog.  And comment to let me know you are now or already were.
  2. Comment and state your challenge and tell me why you chose your distance.  (give me a good story)
  3. Repost this giveaway on your facebook, blog, twitter (leave a separate comment for each one.)
  4. At the end of the month post your mileage and whether you met your goal or not, why etc (good stories again)

The winner will be chosen by, but must be qualified!  In order to qualify you must do at least numbers 1, 2 and 4.  Number 3 will give you bonus entries. (each comment is an entry)  

And you will win: (drumroll please!)
A pack of Shot Bloks
A pack of Rockit Fuel
A Zoot visor
And a 1 year subscription to Fitness magazine.

A second winner will be chosen based totally on my bias.  I'll pick the best story, no judging criteria have been established.  It might be the one that makes me cry, belly laugh or that reminds me of me.  Don't know yet.  This winner will receive a 1 year subscription to Fitness magazine.

Good luck on your goals! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the success!



  1. Lots of Commenting required, so lets see if I get this all in the right order!
    I am already a follower of your blog!

  2. Hi, My name is Emily Westphal.
    I am learning to live a different life. One that is going to keep me alive for a really long time. That will make me healthier and happier. A life where I am an active participant in my childrens lives and a good example for them. But not only that, I will also be able to share my own personal experinces and struggles with them to help them with their own journeys in life.
    I am taking on this challange to help continue to guide me along this new life. I know that I'm going to mess up a lot, but I want to surround myself with healthy activities to keep me going in the right direction.
    I am going to do 200 miles,..
    yes,. 200 miles.
    heh heh heh, so I can so I beat you!
    Luv Ya!

  3. I should get an extra entry for being the first to comment! Just sayin'!

  4. I am a follower, and I am totally in on this! Still trying to figure out the goal though, so I"ll have to revisit with that comment. :)

  5. Wrote about your challenge on my blog.

  6. I figured out my mileage! :)

    My goal for September is 42.08 miles.
    It feels like a short distance to me, but since I just had a baby, I guess that's ok! lol
    I really had a hard time coming up with something realistic-I want to push myself as I begin running again, but don't want to push too hard and cause myself problems. Also with 8 kids age 11 down to one month and my husband in school full time and working full time, my opportunities to get out and run are a tad bit limited. oh well, you work with what you've got!
    I played around with numbers, trying to find one that sounded right, and then I knew what distance I needed to run. The distance from my house to University Hospital. To the place I frequented for the past few months. To the place where my baby was born, where we wondered if he might also die. To the place my world revolved around from May to August. To the place we thought we would practically be living at this point in time, as we were geared up and planned for "best case a few weeks in NICU, and hopefully not a few months".
    We never could have imagined that our little miracle's NICU stay could be counted in minutes instead of days or weeks!
    Last Saturday my little Sam turned one month old. We were given a 60% chance that he would survive his first month of life-if he made it through birth. 60% is beautiful!!
    So in honor of those miles I drove back and forth so many times, my challenge for myself is 42.08 miles. If can cover that distance with my own two feet, I'll be thrilled!

  7. Catey love you reason and so glad the little one is doing great and exceeding all expectations. I have no doubt you can cover the miles.

    For my challenge am picking 150, I did 165 last month but this is a taper month since the marathon is on the 25th amd hpoing picking 150 will mean I will have to get out there after the marathon to reach my goal.

  8. I'm working toward a half marathon at the end of October. I finally convinced myself I could run that far (and I'm so cheap that if I've paid the entrance fee, by darn I'm gonna do it!). So my goal for September is to run 70 miles. This will be a challenge for me. Love the feeling I get after those long runs, realizing that I just ran the furthest I ever have. Awesome!!

  9. Finished the month at 150.15 goal was 150 did the last required miles early this morning, glad I did this challenge because it got me back to running right after the marathon, mainly running at recovery pace, so in less than 1 week after my marathon I did 15.67 miles and feel pretty good, no aches or pain. It has been the best recovery ever.Thanks for the challenge.

  10. So - goal was 70 miles and I got 68. Had a family issue on the last day and didn't get my 4 miler in (darn). But that's the only run I've missed in my last several weeks of training, so I can live with it. Ran the longest run yet today, 11! Going for a nap now...

  11. Made it! Hit 43, goal was 42(.08). :) There were at least 3 runs that wouldn't have happened in that last week if it weren't for the challenge, so thank you! As we drove up to the hospital on the 27th for an MRI and neurosurgery appointments, it was fun to know that I was going to cover that distance on my own by the time my baby hit 8 weeks old.
    Now it's time to amp up the miles and gear up for some races!