Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I FEEL SO AWESOME!!! I'm doing another giveaway!

Today was my tri.  After the stress of the TOU/2 marathon, I just wanted to race stress free, no expectations.  Thus, I didn't swim for the last two weeks, only went on one bike ride and did no speed training at all.  Just ran for miles.  

I had this tri on the calendar for a few months.  It's a free, low key event put on by a friend of mine, one in the spring and one in the fall.  The spring one I did well and wanted to improve my time this fall, but ehh, with recent events on the mind, decided to do it just for fun.

Last night was supposed to go like this: 

nice pasta dinner, relaxing walk around the block with hubby and in bed with a great movie by 8:30 so I could be asleep before 10pm.  Then wake up around 6, get ready, fill my water bottle, eat a little and take off.  On the way, stop and set up t2, drop off the cooler with recovery drink for everyone after the race and be there 15 minutes early to calmly visit with my friends before the swim.

What really happened:

My awesome friend wrote an amazing book about her mom (who had multiple personalities), love, forgiveness and the gift of peace the Savior can bless us with, it's called Mother Had a Secret.   Well she had her book launch party last night, so of course we had to have a girls night out and go buy our books and get them personally autographed! Then Olive Garden was the perfect place to carboload!  By the time we got home it was already 9:30.  

Daughter calls and needs a ride home from volleyball tournament.  Luckily she calls back and has a ride.  When she gets home, I could tell she needed to talk, so I took her with me to drop off my food co-op order to my friend so she could pick it up for me.  And we sat in the car till 11:30 talking.  

Finally off to bed.  But I'm so excited about the book, I have to read 2 chapters before my eyes refuse to stay open.  Morning! Marks alarm goes off at 4:30 for work!  YAY!  I try to doze, but between that and getting daughter off to 2nd day of volleyball tourney, and trying to catch a few extra winks, I end up not getting out the door on time and after setting up t2 and dropping the cooler off, I get to the pool to set up t1 exactly when it is supposed to start.  So great to get such a good night's sleep before a race, UGH.

I also took a huge chance and ate something completely different for breakfast.  I know HUGE no-no!   I have some Rokit Fuel and just never tried it.  Mixed a little water in and downed it.  It was soooo good!  And it sat well in my stomach, no issues today!  Highly recommend trying some.  You can win a pack in my SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY!

Fortunately it's a small, casual tri and no one is stressed about starting on time.   Oh yeah and did I mention it was 42 degrees this morning? So fun to run out of the pool in a dripping wet tri suit!

Distances: Swim 800 yards, Bike 12.3, Run 3.2

Times are an estimate from my amazing, fabulous, incredibly untechnical $7 Walmart watch.

Swim was my best ever!  15:56, a good 30 seconds faster than my best.

FREEZING!!  Fast choice, risk the cold and just throw on a jacket or pull pants on over a wet body.  Hmm.  Decided to go with the jacket and hope to become numb as fast as possible. t1 ridiculously long due to trying to dry as much as possible.  about 4 min

Bike, Ears went first then legs and finally feet lost all feeling.  It was so cold!  But a reasonable time, about 41 min.  Ended bike in 3rd place over all, but I am amazing at t2...

Dropped bike, ripped off bike shoes, slipped into running shoes with ibungee elastic laces (lightning fast!)  throw the helmet as I run away 30 seconds!

Off for the 5K +.1.  Legs feel like frozen Jell-o.  I'm in second, (because I'm lightning fast at t2)  About a third the way in, still haven't hit my stride and Dale slowly passes.  Crap, 3rd again.  But as we hit the top of a slight incline and start a little decline, it hit's!  My legs are fine, turnover increases and I make my move! Back into 2nd.  Aha!  near the turnaround I determine Trevor is only about 30 seconds ahead of me. Oh yeah, I'm gonna do it.  About a 1/2 mile from the finish I passed and felt sooo fine!  Coming to the finish however I heard the pitter patter of big feet.  OH NO YOU DON'T the sprint was on and I finished 5 seconds ahead!  Run time about 28 min.


Total time 1:29:27

So one of the prizes was a $15 Road ID Gift Certificate.  There were extras, so one of you gets to win one too!

1.  Follow me on the blog, comment to let me know
2.  like Road ID on Facebook here. Comment to let me know.
3.  Go to Road ID's website here. Comment with what you would get and why.
4.  Post on your blog, facebook or twitter.  Comment for each one.
5.  Bonus, enter my September challenge giveaway and comment to let me know.

Enter by midnight September 18 and courtesy of, I'll choose and announce a winner on September 19.  Good luck!


  1. What a great story! It's a testiment to all that you have been doing was getting you ready even though you did not necessarily feel ready! Plus, just relaxing and being frozen may have helped too! ;)

  2. Great job... and loved the race report. Sometimes doing things a little different than the normal routine isn't always a bad thing!

  3. Sounds awesome - Great swim! That's where I would like to improve. Thought I'd enter your contest and am trying to make sure I complete all the steps. I'd get the shoe ID from Road ID - such a good idea to always have ID and I think on the shoe would be the least obtrusive. Got a question for you and your runner readers. What do you use for hydration on long runs? I've been using my old Camel back and hate it for running. I'm thinking I'd like a belt, but wondering if anyone has a favorite. Never thought I'd run more than a 5k - but it's growing on me! Congrats on your tri!

  4. Stacey,

    Congrats to you too! Tri's are awesome.

    I haven't done anything special yet. I usually just carry a disposable water bottle and chuck it in a can when it's gone. But I think I really want to try a belt too. I'm going to be increasing long runs from 10-12 up to 20+ to start prepping endurance for a marathon next year. So any input would be great for me too.

  5. Congrats on the win.

    I have a nathan Quick draw handheld which I like for short runs less than 12 miles. After 12 miles my hand wasn't very happy, I just won a nathan fuel belt from Molly and after using it about 3 times really love it. I love the fact that I can put different flavor drinks in each bottle and it doesn't bother me when I run, just ordered the 4 bottle belt

  6. Will get the shoe ID, so i don't have to think about whether I have it on or not.

  7. Giveaway linked on my blog sidebar

  8. Posted a link to your blog on Facebook

  9. I would get the shoe id. I already wear a watch, so I would like to keep one wrist free.

  10. I tweeted about your giveaway @bethy109

  11. I would get the aireater socks, so my feet could stay nice and cool while i am running.

  12. So glad you posted the reminder on FB-I thought I had entered already! I am a loyal follower of course. :)

  13. I would either be responsible and get the wrist ID sport (in black or pink) or splurge and get myself a tech tee!

  14. I am entered in the September Challenge. And thank goodness, because I needed some motivation this week-so thank you!