Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So this has nothing to do with running, or fitness, well except that Rachel is going to run a 5k with me next week, but anyway....

Tonight was her 8th grade graduation! Wow! Sunday was also Andrew's seminary graduation! YAY for us! On Thursday Andrew will also graduate from High School, but I'll talk more about that then. (For my few followers that I met online, Seminary for us is a 4 year, LDS religious education program for high school students)

Ok so for some pics! This is Andrew before graduation, isn't he so handsome? He is such a great young man. He works very diligently and always tries to make good choices. He is constantly serving others. He truly is a Christ like young man. I am so very proud of him!

And Rachel, Wow growing up way to fast. I can't believe we have another high schooler on our hands! Well, if you have to put up with teenagers, mine are pretty great. Honestly, I think having teenagers is way funner than babies and toddlers. I adore babies and think they are just yummy! But there is something so great about teenagers. I love having all the kids running through the house, girls in the bathroom doing hair, boys playing video games and pool.

So here she is! The newest high school student in our house! She got to sit through graduation with her very "good friend" M, and here's the whole group of crazy kids. They are great kids and are a good influence on each other. I am very grateful for these kids. They are true friends who care about each other. I love that her guy friends are all gentlemen who protect the girls and treat them with respect. And the girls all encourage each other to maintain high standards of behavior, modesty and excellence. Too often teenagers play to the lowest common denominator and try to find acceptance through degrading behavior. But not these kids. They are so great! I am really proud of my kids and their choices. They hold their standards high and encourage all around them to do the same. A rising tide raises all ships.

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