Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The end of the beginning

Ok, so when Mark left for Texas, I started changing my eating habits... totally cut out sugar and started counting every calorie. I also ramped up the exercise. I kept walking and added in some little jogs. I mean really little! Like 30 seconds little. But within a few weeks I actually attempted a full mile and did it!

That was when some friends talked me into doing a 5k. Whoa there, me running 3.1? I had never ever ever before run more than a mile. That seemed like a marathon!

But I found a training schedule for complete beginners like me and that's all it took. Give me a challenge based on numbers and i'm off. I love crunching numbers. Soon it was all about beating myself, being better today than I was yesterday.

Can we say ADDICTION? Best of all the running was exactly what I needed. The pounds started melting off! Now I was all about the time! I became a freak about pace and sprints, long runs, hills... it's a whole new world (break into song) but a world where I knew lingo, but no actual experience. My first real race was still a couple months away.

Then I started lifting weights with a trainer, WOW, another huge learning curve. But holy cow it felt incredible. Getting some rockin' muscles felt so good. Plus it tightened everything up in a way running couldn't. Well, by now my total loss was about 50lbs and it was time for Mark to come home. He knew I'd been working out, but really didn't know the extent of what I'd done. He didn't really take me too seriously when I told him I wanted to become a trainer. But he'd missed the "transformation", so I didn't get upset.

The weekend he was coming home was Andrew's state basketball tournament, and he was going to miss all of it. So sad and depressing.... But we both got to surprise each other that day! He drove all night long and made it home in time for the last two games. Surprise for me! And I was wearing jeans that were 3 sizes smaller than when he left. Surprise for him! I have to admit it was awesome! He kept hugging me and then looking at me, then hugging me again.

The next week (oh, btw Andrew's team won state!!) Mark came to workout with me and I kicked his trash! That's when he took my goal more seriously. For the first time in my whole life, I felt like I had a passion, something where I could really help people and change lives. Not something just to have a job, but be part of who I am, part of my heart.

First race came! Goal was to beat 30 min. Did it in 27:17! YAY!!! Now I was hooked for sure.

So between work, kids, house, running and training, I started picking the brains of everyone I knew who had anything to do with fitness. I spent my spare time reviewing every possible certification, trying to decide the best way to do it. Checked out the trade colleges.... not the best way, tuition was $15,000, yeah, let me pull that out of my back pocket! Finally decided on 3 possibilities. Also decided, that I needed to work at a gym to get a better idea what I wanted to do. Started at 24 hr fitness, and the manager helped me figure it out.

Now to pay for it. My sweet darling husband took care of everything. He worked extra and then talked to my mom about it. Between the two of them they gave me my tuition for my birthday. Wow, it's really happening! I'm not just talking about it anymore. Can you believe my amazing family? Sacrificing to make my dream come true! I studied and studied. Muscles and bones, scared me to death. I never took anatomy, and now I had to learn it all on my own. ARGHHH!

To make it even worse, there were some others at work studying for the same exam, and one of them had to take it 4 times. That does alot for your confidence. Especially since he had been teaching group fitness for years and was incredible. Then another friend had to take it twice, also fabulous group instructor. I didn't know if I could do it. I probably put it off way to long, just out of fear.

Finally I set a deadline, well Mark did. He didn't want to pay for another extension. but I did it! Passed on the first try!

That gets me almost up to date. So, that's it the story of how I lost the weight and changed my whole life, my families lives and now onto to world!

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