Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, I obviously didn't post about the ride yesterday, too tired! It was AWESOME!! When we got started, I had to use the facilities, so I left a few minutes later than everyone. My hubby left before me, he's been sick and just got back from Africa so I told him I'd catch up. I wanted to check up on some of my clients doing the ride. So I rode with one for a couple miles and then hooked her up with another one who was about the same pace. Then I was keeping my eyes peeled for another one... little did I know she and her husband took off at a great pace and were way ahead of me. Finally caught up with Mark about 5 miles into the ride.

We stayed together till the first stop at 20 miles. I wanted to stop and refill the water and chat with my friend running it. He kept going. Good thing I stopped! When I was ready to leave, my kids pulled in... They were supposed to be manning stop #2. AHHH! They had gotten lost, really just hadn't driven far enough. Oh no, what if they missed the first riders? Well g
ot them set straight and fortunately they were ahead of the lead riders. Whew! When I took off, my ear buds got caught in the spokes, yes I just dropped them, and they ripped apart. Another 93 miles to go with no tunes. UGH! So, singing to myself, I set out to catch Mark.

On the way I passed my client and her husband, and found Mark a few miles after that. That's Mark at stop 2. We rode to the next stop, 40 miles, together and there I made another mistake. So many people I knew were there, plus my kids and it was Andrew's 18th birthday!!! Yay Andrew! Thanks for supporting mom and dad! We stood around and talked way tooo long. My legs got cold and this was at the base of the biggest climb of the day. 9 miles and about a 2000 ft
climb. Actually it felt like more than that, because there were a few ups and downs.
This is a pic from the car of the hill, steep huh? On the way up, while shifting down, my chain jumped off and got all bungled up. No one around to fix it so I had to get all greasy, boo hoo, got grease on my bright pink jacket too. But I did it! Honestly I didn't know how I was going to make it up that hill, but not only did I make it, I even passed some people! Thank you Spin class! Teaching those has definitely made me better at hills.

On the way up, I heard crazy honking behind me and then my car passes me, with my husband and friend in it!
They were hitching a ride to the lunch stop at the top of the hill. CHEATERS!!! JK, they were both pretty worn out already. The hill would have killed them.

Us at the lunch stop. Thanks Summit Cafe!
Lunch was great, but again, I stopped too long. The wind had kicked up and clouds rolled in and we were cold. I had to get riding to warm up. Coming down the hill was great, we were in this little old mining town and it was so quaint. But the road was a little scary! About 5 miles down the road, Mark cramped so we stopped and I massaged his legs, but he was ready to stop. There was no reception, so I forged ahead, hoping either he would get picked up, or I could call the kids and have them come get him. They had already passed us, but there was a turn off that we later found out they missed, so really they were behind us. When I got to the next stop at 70 miles, that's where I discovered they hadn't been by yet. I was scared that they were lost, but was able to get a text off to my daughter. A friend was manning that station, so I asked her to let them know about Mark and try to keep reaching them while I went on.

After I was about 5
miles down the road, they came by and let me know that he was safe and the kids had him! YAY! Through this stretch I rode with a guy named Bob, found out he owns Cafe Rio, hence the Cafe Rio jersey he was wearing. He was riding with a neighbor of ours and Shawn Bradley (former BYU and NBA star) Super fun to meet him, very, very nice guy. Now, it was just rolling mile after rolling mile. Once I hit the last stop at the Pony Express monument I knew I could make it. This was a fast stop and I was off.

When I finally hit the turn off at 5 mile pass to head for Fairfield, I was so happy, and scared. This was the home stretch, my turf, I had riden this before and knew all the twists, turn, and hills. I was scared because I also know the wind in this valley. After Fairfield, 15 miles to go, there is a long slow hill going into White Hills and then Cedar Fort. I was dying! I had skipped the stop in Fairfield because if I got off the bike I wouldn't get back on. I had plenty of water and food, so I forged ahead. This hill is not terribly difficult, I was just so tired and had slowed down to about 8 mph. Finally to the top of that hill! It comes down into Cedar Fort and then another slow grind (not as steep) back to the Eagle Monument to turn back into town and only 5 miles to the finish. This is a slight downhill, plus the wind
is at my back here!!! YAY, I was singing out loud I was so happy!

When I got back to the school (the starting point), I think I had to pry the seat off of my backside. I almost cried as I hobbled over to the grass and layed my bike down.

It was fun watching and cheering as friends rolled in. Mark got there a few minutes later, he had gone back to pick up his bike, not knowing it had already gotten a ride in another truck. Poor guy, drove all that way for nothing... Here's Mark with Shawn, Wow huh?

So, would I do it again? Not this week, but yeah I would!

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