Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little behind

So last Friday, I was scheduled for 3 and then 8 on Saturday.  But Friday was super busy, and I kept saying.... it's just 3, I'll get it in.  Before I knew it, it was time to shower and get ready for our dinner party.  So then I thought I'll just do two runs tomorrow.  No biggie.

The dinner party was awesome!  We have a fun group that gets together on holidays. We hosted the dinner at our house, and my sweet hubby sent me  a DOZEN ROSES!!!    He sent them on Thursday so I'd have them when everyone came over for the dinner.  After dinner we were off to the dance the city youth council put on.  Soooo fun and yummy treats too!  Chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzel rods.  Homemade peanut butter truffles and oreo cheesecake!  Good thing we danced the whole night!

Next morning.....felt like I'd been run over by a truck.  The flu my kids and husband have been fighting hit me full force.  Plus the plantaar faciitis kicked in from dancing barefoot for 2 hours.  

Cancel both runs, get through what I have to and then crash!  Well kind of.  It was the youth church dance, and I was on pick up.  Didn't get home till midnight.  Missed part of church the next morning.  I play the piano for the primary (childrens meeting)  and we are short on pianists in our ward.  Since I'm begging for subs for our vacations, it's hard to not go other times.  

But, with my essential oils, the extra sleep and honey and lemon for the cough.  I felt pretty good.  Good enough to go to the cousins birthday party and an enrichment committee meeting.  

Monday was also a 3 mile run.  It went super slick.  I was at work, so I just did a tread run.  But it was so beautiful, I was wishing I was outside.  

My trainer completely trashed me and my partner in our workout.  (I'd like to think I was still weak from the flu, maybe, but it was a really hard workout)  

So today, still feeling pretty good, but still weak.  thinking about making up some of last weeks missed mileage.  But I'll probably take a nap first.  Tonight is Biggest Loser spin class, sold out once again!  Why do people want to spin for 2 hours?????  Can hardly get a 1 hour class 1/2 full, 2 hours?  Sure enough it's packed!  The other most popular class each week is 3 hours!!!!  Crazy bikers!

So anyway.  This was a a pretty whiny post about how little I've done and weak I am.  But I am actually doing well.  In the past, a flu like this would take me down for a couple weeks.  But the essential oils are miraculous.  Saturday, I would have sworn I was getting a sinus infection.  Used to do 2-3 a year.  Today, barely even congested.  I haven't taken a bit of medication, usually I would have run straight out for antibiotics.  Thank you Annette!!!! 

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