Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
My first race ever!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Half Marathon Jitters!

So, tomorrow is the big day!  I had some pretty high hopes for this race when I signed up months ago.  {sigh}  Well thanks to the combination of plantaar faciitis, itbs, and some lazy busy mornings, I don't think that I'll be running in 1:44:48 or less.  It was an aggressive goal anyway, (this is where I start to justify my poor performance before it happens) and with the injuries it was very hard to get training in.  There were a few weeks that I only ran the long run. 

So, while I still want to get that same time eventually, this year I have set three other goals, that if I meet any of them, I will be very happy.

1.  Beat last years time of 1:59:23. (ave pace 9:07)
2. Run at an average pace of 8:45, time of 1:54:37.
3. Run at an average pace of 8:30, time of 1:51:21.

All three are very worthy accomplishments, and I'd be proud to report any of them.  I'd better be able to report at least one of them.

We're taking off around 4:30 and hoping to ride the motorcycle up.  Get the hotel room, pick up packet and go to dinner.  Then back for early bed, around 8.  I'll probably need some melatonin with my nerves going crazy.  Up about 4:30 for a breakfast of toast with pb and banana.  Then off to the buses to wait with 2299 other crazy people.

I'm wearing a cute pink nike shirt, pink and green camo headband and wishing I had a white running skirt. But I have black and that's what I'll be cruising down the hill in.  And of course I'll be wearing my new, wonderful mint green and silver saucony's!  I love them!  I also really love my green superfeet in them!

So farewell friends, I will let you know tomorrow which goal I hit.  If you don't hear from me, I've gone into hiding feeding my frustration with Chunky Monkey ice cream.


  1. Have a fantastic time! My first 1/2 is in 65 days!! You will be great!

  2. Good Luck Trish! You will do great :) Best of luck on all those goals!