Pony Express 5k

Pony Express 5k
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bursting with Pride!!!!

Today is the best day ever!!!! I had the most wonderful start to a morning that a trainer ever could.

First let me introduce you to my darling Emily. Read more about her and her journey at her blog. I met Emily because our husbands work together. Mark told Brian about my training groups, Brian told Em, and that was that. She had a long journey ahead of her. Never was skinny and through 4 babies had added a bit. So when I met her to do her first assessment, she was starting at 319.

When you start of with that much to lose, pounds can come off very quickly. But the thing is, your head and emotions tend to get in the way. Breaking habits is hard, building new ones is hard. People have expectations of you, and don't always want those to change. You validate them, they are the thin ones. They mask this with concern.... "oh don't hurt yourself, that's not enough food for you..." etc. But really, what's worse, all the problems of being overweight or some pain from exercise. Really, which one is more likely to kill you?

So Em has been going through all of these emotional changes and more. But her head and emotional eating was messing things up. But, as time goes on, growth happens and she is getting so much stronger physically and emotionally. I love to see this!! She's had some good weeks and some rough ones.

But this week has been amazing. Em lived up to her commitments to herself this week and it was awesome! Compliments and praise for her low cal desert showed her that she can still be a part of the social scene and be comfortable. Insisting on eating at Subway when out showed her that she can still eat out, and also can tell others what she needs--and get it. Em kept her calories in line and did her workouts every day.

So, results? Well during the first 7 weeks, the weight yo-yo'd and her net loss was 9 pounds. Not what either of us had hoped for.

But this week? Rock solid performance in every category--just to clarify, not extreme and she ate an adequate amount of calories. I do not believe in starving.

Drumroll please..................
299.2 lbs!!!
11 lbs lost!!!!!!

Emily is in the 200's!!!

Now, will we see that every week? No... but when you eat clean, your body naturally lets go of excess weight.

I am so excited to see where she goes from here. Sometimes there is a tendency to slack off after a good week, you know celebrate. But now is the time to stay absolutely true. Keep the momentum going and see what your body can do.

Way to go Emily!!!! I am super proud of the changes you are making in your life. Have fun in Vegas at the wedding and be true to yourself. Don't let the voices around you sway you from meeting your goal. You met wedding weight goal, now let's go for the rest!

Love you girl!

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  1. That's wonderful! And what a great trainer you must be to not just motivate her but to be so proud of her. :)